Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hello Everyone - A special Message

To those who are following this blog, I have reached the maximum storage alocation for this blog.
I have other blogs that are still actively being posted and here are the categories:
1- www.vicmuscle.blogspot .com - Muscle worship
2- - Muscle Hardcore models
3- - Playgirl male centerfolds and featured nudes
4- - Playgirl models in Porn Hardcore
5- - Male Sport celebrities Nudes
6- -Male Supermodels Frontal Nude & Fakes
7- - Male Celebrity Fakes
8- - yearly postings of most faked celebrities
9- - Hot Latin Fronatl Naked men
Check out my blogs and see what turns you on the most, I actually received a message from a celebrity who was dumbfounded to find his Hard Cock Fakes on one of my sites, I also got a message from Nate Christiansen thanking me for the posting his gorgeous cock.
I will not be able to load anymore images into this blog so I will just continue to give everyone an update on my other blogs.
Thanks everyone.